Everyone knows that having a good voice makes it easier to succeed in life. We know this but don’t believe it is possible to change our voices and fear sounding fake if we did.

Some may have gone online to search for quick tips (not effective), picked up books on verbal influence(confusing) or even thought of hiring a voice coach (expensive).

The alternative is a workshop with a real voice expert, that’s me.

To prove how effective my workshop is, try out these four simple exercises that will bring instant change.

Tip #1 – Neck Stretch

Before you speak, a good thing to do is to look straight up at the ceiling, while stretching your neck and throat. This will give your voice a fullness & make it more authoritative in a calm way.

Tip #2 – Tongue In Cheek

Next, push your tongue all the way into your cheek and keep it there while reading out loud. This works in the same way as marbles in the mouth (The King’s Speech) and it increase’s clarity while reducing “mumbling”.

Tip #3 – Open Your Mouth Wide

Yup, just like what the doctors ordered, open your mouth as wide and big as you can. This will stretch your facial muscles to help you speak more clearly.

Tip #4 – Do The Obama

President Obama loves the verbal expression “ah-hem”. It does make him sound agreeable but more than that it gives him perfect pitch. That’s because an “ah-hem” or the act of swallowing will place your vocal cords at the optimum position, giving you a deep, rich voice. Make this verbal expression a part of your vocal routine and you too will enjoy the powerful results that vocal influence brings.

Although less humour that this clip, all voice talents do make sounds like this when warming up their voice before any session. Those are slightly high level techniques I usually cover in workshops or coaching sessions.

Now, you may be wondering, what makes me such an expert on the voice. Well, for the past few decades, I’ve been on radio, news and TV, and have coached and trained others to do the same. They include voice talents, celebrities, corporate leaders, professionals and people just like you, who just want to increase their influence and impact.

Like many others, you may think how you sound is in-born and there is no way to change it. Trust me, most great voices you hear are trained and my Power Voice workshop will help you develop your own perfect naturally rich voice.

Here’s just a few things you can expect when you join us in the workshop:

  • Develop a rich, expressive and commanding voice
  • Put Power into their speaking voice
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Communicate effectively
  • Speak clearly and distinctly
  • Convey their thoughts accurately
  • Become interesting and engaging
  • Earn respect and trust